In the previous post I discussed ways to drive traffic to your churches website by “giving the people what they want”.

Well, in today’s post I want to share some additional insights on connecting with your church online. Tip #2: Go to where your people are already at! Again seems simple, that’s because it should. Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, & flickr have already done the work for you. They already have the appeal of your people. Most likely you already have an account on one of all of those social networking sites. One of the most popular has to be facebook. Facebook makes it easy to create groups and fan pages. What’s the difference? Facebook “groups” in my opinion are best used for smaller and often shorter lifespan “groups” of people. Fan pages give you all of the same features and more then groups. Fan pages are also better recognized in search engines and now you can even create your own “nickname” just like you can for your own personal public profile.

First step is to have the administrator of the facebook fan page to go here. Once you create the facebook fan page invite your facebook friends that are a part of your church to “become a fan”. Also promote your fan page on your website and through email newsletters etc. This will now act as another mode of communication for your church body. Instead of expecting your church to come to your website to get news on events etc. Give them the news in a way that they already know and use on a nearly daily basis. New updates to your facebook fan page will appear in the followers stories section which allows them to comment and share the news with others. Go ahead and give it a try today!

Twitter & Flickr: At my church (Pequea Church) we have created accounts on the popular flickr photo sharing site, as well as the growing service known as Twitter. The great thing about both of these services is that they are so easy to use and are recognizable. With our flickr account I can have our missions team uploading photos that automatically appear on our flickr photostream. The flickr photostream can update our website automatically with the latest photos from events at our church. Even though we don’t have a lot of followers on our twitter page it is just another automatic way for followers to receive updates on new blog posts from our website. With a simple wordpress plug-in new posts are automatically “tweeted” to our followers!

Leave your comments and ideas below!