If your looking for a way to get your church body involved with what is happening on your church website, give them something they want to read. Seems simple right? Well I find that many church websites tend to be just a web version of the good old tri-fold brochure. No offense to those types of websites (it is better then nothing at all) but your people are looking for community online! For many years Pequea Church has been publishing our sermon audio online. We have even experimented with sermon video. If you have dynamic preaching, your congregation WILL want to hear the message a second time, share it with friends, or catch up on messages while they were away on vacation!

Missions Send-Off Sunday

Send-off prayer for missions team!

Another great way that I builds community online is by receiving direct updates from our missions teams traveling around the world! At Pequea Church we are a local church with a global vision. 10 years ago this Pequea Church was inward focused. Today, that has changed this summer alone we are sending around 80 people to places around the United States and to La Montanita Brethren in Christ church in Nicaragua. Missions teams build excitement within our church body. We celebrate each time our church sends a missions team! Our church body supports these trips financially and through prayer. When people invest in something the love to see the rewards. Our team is currently in Nicaragua and they have been sending back daily stories and photos as they work in Nicaragua! Our website traffic has nearly tripled since the trip started and the photos have been viewed thousands of times! Family members and friends of the team have been able to keep up with the progress as well as share the story! You can follow the story and see the pictures on our church website by clicking here.

What are ways that you develop community online? What are ways we as the church can do better? Give me your thoughts!