Well, kinda…As of Sunday’s church council meeting vote my full time position at Pequea Church has now been approved. Previously I had served as the technical arts director for both Pequea Church and the Brethren in Christ Denomination. Now I am full time with Pequea Church as the director of technical arts and impact ministries (young adults) and all the praise goes to God!

While I am really sorry to have to leave my position with the BIC general church I am excited about focusing my work and ministry life. Over the last year, it became very clear that I was stretching my time too thin and it was effecting the quality of my work. I was spending lots of additional hours out of the office late at night working to complete projects in a timely manner. On some weeks I easily was working my two, 20 hour a week jobs as two 40 hour a week jobs. In ministry it is all to easy to get burned out and for me to loose focus on God’s plan for my life. In November my girlfriend of 4 years and I got engaged and we are now planning a June 2010 wedding. I had to begin thinking about my “Family or Church“.

Although my new position will still be filled with a lot of work and projects and even new responsibilities I am excited about where God has me and what he has in store for me in the near future. I thank God daily that I am able to have a job like this and get paid for ministry, doing something that I love.