On Friday afternoon November 6, 2009 I asked my girlfriend of 46 months for her hand in marriage. And she said Yes! Lea is my best friend, she builds me up when I am down, she makes me laugh, smile, and helps me get the most out of life. Her smile is contagious and alway’s brightens my day! Most importantly we recognize that we are valued by God and that he alone has the plan for our lives. We know that God has big plans for us in ministry and I value her support in my ongoing ministry at Pequea Church and the Brethren in Christ Church.

We have set up our own website where will will blog about our experience along the way to the wedding day sometime in June of 2010. You can already read online about my version and her version of the proposal. We have a full gallery of photos from the day of engagement that I am sure you will want to check out. Lea and I plan to use this website to allow guests to RSVP to our wedding and get news about the special day. We want to cut down the cost of mailing all of those extra pieces of paper and cards and use our website instead!