Within the last month at Pequea Church we purchased and installed two intelligent lights. These are our first moving head lights. Our lighting truss is over 16 feet in the air. The truss is also directly above our front pews. This makes any type of ladder or man lift out of the question for changing light bulbs, re-aiming, or re-gelling any of our lights. Anytime changes need to happen on our lighting truss we set up scaffolding. We also in the past have spent plenty of money and time creating set pieces and design elements for our stage that have started to get stale. Having these two new intelligent lights will now allow us the ability to have light anywhere we need on the stage, in any color, and with multiple different gobo (designs/patterns). We can use these lights as a new design element and they really can help set a mood and feel above and beyond our standard lights.

For the technical details- We choose to install two Elation Design Spot 575E lights. These lights use a phillips 575 watt lamp. They have the ability to pan, tilt, zoom, and focus. The lights have two Gobo Wheels and every color you can imagine. When we hung the new lights we added a few fabric panels that we use to catch the light. We got large pieces of corrugated cardboard from a local store. The cardboard is used in shipping appliances and we got it for free. We ordered some generic fabric from Rose Brand and quickly wrapped the cardboard panels in fabric. You can see the effect and look on the picture above. This photo was taken at our annual fall fiesta, this years theme was “SuperFest.” So far these lights have worked flawlessly and have become another tool for our technical team.