Being a fan of Apple I must post about the recent Macworld Keynote address from Steve Jobs. Apple computer’s are a technical arts director’s best friend (in my opinion). If you are in ministry looking to buy a new computer do not rule out a mac because they are unfamiliar to you. Apple computers come preloaded with the ability to edit and manage photos, video, and even design websites, or make your own songs or podcasts. Before I get to far off track back to the keynote. I was most interested in movie rentals and the Apple TV software refresh after the keynote. I feel as though this is a look into a new idea. Now with the ability to rent HD movies via the iTunes store and directly to an Apple TV this brings a new player into the format wars of HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Even though it appears as though Blu-ray has won the format battle for now, I can see how the concept of the Apple TV can be a major player in the format lineup. The Apple TV is competitively priced at $229 and is a multimedia center that can easily be added to your family room. Not only can it play rented movies from iTunes it can connect to iTunes account on computers within your local network to play back video, and music. The Apple TV can now also navigate flickr and youtube. Watch out for Apple TV, it will soon find it’s place in the active format war.