In my final series of posts explaining how Pequea Church marketed the start of our Church on Wednesday services I thought I would outline the ways we showed the world (or at least our immediate community) that we had something to offer! Something new that we did was worked out an agreement to display a billboard for 2 months along a major road near our church. The billboard asks the question and delivers an answer when someone visits our website.

Knowing that a billboard is just one way of spreading the word, we also mailed out our “Currents” magazine to nearly 9,000 homes in our area, targeting the area around the billboard. The front of our Currents magazine matches the design of the billboard and each page highlights a potential attender who might be interested in attending church on Wednesday. The people appearing in the Currents are from our church community and included a police officer, nurses, and a waitress. You can download a copy and read the Currents by clicking here.

Each year Pequea Church also holds a stand at our local community fair. Now, to some a fair might sound crazy, but for our area the week of the fair is the talk of the community. Hundreds of local businesses set up shop to advertise and give away pens, bags, balloons, coupons and more. Our stand will be draped with a church on Wednesday banner, and will host the popular stacking cups game. We will give away cups with church on Wednesday info as well as business cards, and postcard handouts to flood the area with “Church on Wednesday”.

We also successfully landed stories in our local community advertiser newspaper as well as got a full article in our local daily newspaper, along with pictures of our pastoral team and church community holding the banner reading ““.

One of the most important people to resource is your existing church community. You must not overlook your best sales people. Your congregation “gets” you, and should be excited about what you have to offer. We gave our church bumper magnets to put on their cars pointing people to, gave them copies of the Currents, business cards, and postcards to distribute to friends, family, and neighbors. We talk about it in our messages, and in our announcements. We attempt to create buzz.

As I hope you have seen through this series of posts, when you’re creating a marketing campaign it is important to plan ahead. It’s not alway’s possible to work far ahead but in our latest campaign there will be no excuses on not making the community aware. If this service is not meant to happen on Wednesday night we will recognize that we missed the mark and that the need is just not there. Our hope and prayer is that people come to Christ by hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.