Church on Wednesday Website

When Pequea Church decided to launch a service on Wednesday night we knew we had to get peoples attention by thinking differently. In our community Church on Wednesday was not something new. In fact we had even had a fall program for children. When deciding upon a marketing campaign it is essential to do research and understand your audience. You need to determine the appeal factor. For example we don’t market a weekend youth conference as a time for you to grow spiritually, pray daily, and have times of communion. — While all that stuff might happen, which is great, it is not what today’s teenagers are appealed to. If you ran an ad for that type of conference you are going to get the same types of kids over and over, not the ones that really need to come to a weekend conference. To get the fringe kids you promote that it will be a weekend away, games, friends, water slides etc. When the kids are already in the environment they will be more open to praying, communion, and growing spiritually. – I think you get the idea.

With Church on Wednesday we determined that the largest appeal factor is the day “Wednesday”. We know that people in our area are busy, or work on Sunday mornings. We know that no other churches in our immediate area are holding services other then Sunday mornings. This affirmed that “Wednesday” was the sweet spot. The word Wednesday is not something new, it’s not hard to pronounce like our name (Pequea), but it is ordinary. What is not ordinary is churches holding “church” on Wednesday. Now I should note for readers unfamiliar with our community we are located in what many call a “bible belt”. They are used to having children’s clubs on Wednesday nights, and familiar with the word Church.

All that to say in order to keep it simple we created a campaign centered around a website. We purchased the domain names and Our primary thrust was towards but we wanted to take out the possibility that people would forget the domain name and purchased them both. The website is a landing page for information specific to church on Wednesday. It’s simple, easy to understand, and connected to our main church website. Everything we designed for this campaign was simple, asking the question “Church on Wednesday?” and promoting the website

I will give you a taste of our other marketing ideas in my next post!