Church on Wednesday

Over 6 months ago Pequea Church decided that we would begin to offer the same worship service we offer on Sunday mornings on Wednesday nights. Over a few blog posts I will outline the steps we took to make “Church on Wednesday” happen.

The decision to hold church on Wednesday started out of our desire as a church to reach more people for Christ. On a lot of Sunday mornings our current facility is out of space. We also recognized a need that was not being met in our community – a church that offered a service at a time other then Sunday morning, let alone not on a weekend. We recognize that Sunday morning’s just don’t work for everyone in our community. We have people that work on Sunday mornings, people who go away, sporting events, and shared custody situations. I am not hear to say that the church should be focused on making it convenient to come to church, BUT we need do need to recognize our culture and individual communities in which God has placed us.

At Pequea Church our Wednesday nights will include a community meal. This will allow families to come to church together and eat a low cost high quality meal, no prep time and no clean up needed for Mom’s and Dad’s alike! This will also encourage relationships among our church body that just can’t happen unless if you sit around and eat a meal together! Our meal will be served each week starting at 5:45 p.m.

Our Church on Wednesday service will begin each week at 6:45 p.m. The service will run for 1 hour and will match our previous Sunday’s service. The worship songs will be the same, the preaching and service elements will all mirror our services on Sunday mornings. We will offer programming for our children, where they will hear about Jesus and worship with their peers!

In the next few posts I will outline the communication and marketing strategy that we used to promote “Church on Wednesday” to our community!