Faces of Nicaragua

In February 2008 I was given my first opportunity to serve on a cross cultural experience by going with a team from Pequea Church to Esteli Nicaragua. The trip changed my life and perspective on how God is at work all around the world. My God, choose to show me how He is accomplishing His mission beyond my over-saturated views of North American “church”. With my role as a technical arts director at a church in North America it is very easy to become so wrapped up in the programs and worship services of our local church and totally miss what God is doing around the world.

In January of 2010 I have been given a chance to return to Nicaragua. A team of young adults from Pequea Church will travel to El Viejo Brethren In Christ Church to serve this church and help replace a failing roof. Although we will be serving the church in this way, so much more of this trip will be focused on meeting the families, neighbors, and children of this community. It is my desire to better understand the story of the people of Nicaragua and bring that story home to share with our congregation. I am certain that God is at work in me, preparing me for something unexpected, my prayer is that I will be open to His leading me in this experience. Throughout the trip I will be blogging daily updates with photos and hopefully some video from our time in Nicaragua over on the churches blog. If you are willing to support me with prayer please just leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Service is a means of bringing about change within ourselves, making us not the “givers” in the interaction but fellow recipients with those we serve. – Jeremy Tyrrell