The time has finally arrived when I will unveil the brand new After a few weeks of development and work the new website is live. I recently recognized that I have not been able to do as much blogging as I had hoped in the past and my somewhat small design business is now beginning to grow into something it wasn’t just a year ago. The new design focuses on my business and the services that I offer. I will still blog occasionally, although I don’t think I will be making a living from it!

Although the website is live, a working website is never complete. In the coming weeks I will continue to work on updating my portfolio of work and I will likely make some tweaks and changes to the design of the site as well. If you have any feedback, just leave a comment. On a personal note I will be building in a weather feature to my website. At Christmas time my wife got me one of my most favorite gifts of all time – a weather station. As many of you know I love the weather. Within the next few weeks I will launch a segment of my website where you will be able to access real-time weather data, local weather radar, and a weather blog of sorts. Living on the East Coast in Central Pennsylvania brings a lot of fun and interesting winter weather forecasts. I will do my best to predict and explain the winter storms!