World Series TrophyOn May 13th 2009 I had the priveledge of going to watch the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. I was so blessed to be given free tickets to the game and I got to go with some really cool guys! Because of the seats we were given behind the scenes access to the 2008 World Series Trophy that the Phillies earned just a few months ago. Seeing this trophy first hand was an awesome experience! As I waited to my turn to recieve a photo I kept thinking about what hard work, determination, and time went into getting that trophy. Group Photo With World Series TrophyThe Phillies although just a baseball team demonstrated to the fans what a remarkable team they could be and they were rewarded with an awesome trophy! I love the Philadelphia Phillies, and even though they lost the game last night agains the Dodgers it was still an awesome time with friends, and a great photo op!

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