On Monday night I returned from a short term missions trip to Nicaragua, more on that experience later. Last night at the dinner table my phone vibrates with a CNN push notification about an earthquake in Haiti. Last night the pictures and news was hard to come by, in fact you could find out more from twitter sources then CNN or MSNBC etc. This morning when I started to see the pictures, video and hear the stories I was totally wrecked. Because of my experience in Nicaragua I could so quickly identify with what was happening in Haiti and the crisis that was unfolding. Knowing how little these people live on and how fragile the economy is my heart is hurting for the people of Haiti.

CNN is now reporting that over 100,000 deaths are expected. The people of Haiti are experiencing massive devastation and despair.

Today I was so focused on trying to catch up on on my work, telling people about the successful trip to Nicaragua, creating message series graphics and even going out to eat (spending $10.00) and getting a cheeseburger at lunch. I didn’t need to spend money on that cheeseburger and to be honest I spent only a few minutes today praying for the people of this world who are in crisis. The fact is I need to recognize that I am selfish. I spend so much time focused on me and my life and the things that I need to get done. It’s really easy when you are serving in missions to focus your attention on the people right in front of you that need love. When I contrast that to the way I live my life today in the United States I become selfish. It’s way to easy for me to disconnect myself from people who need love and my attention.

My prayer is through my experience in Nicaragua and this disaster in Haiti I will be striving towards spending more of my time loving others and caring for the hurting in our world and less time on myself. I pray that God will work within me and stir within me a discontent and show me where I need to take action. My understanding is that there is a great need for water and supplies in Haiti right now. Money is needed to buy and transport those supplies. Join me in donating to MCC, Compassion or World Vision and helping these trustworthy organizations who are already on the ground bring aid to this hurting country and may we take our focus off ourselves and onto this immediate need. Remember also to set aside time to pray for those who are suffering right now.