Starting this past Sunday here at Pequea Church we launched a new series called “Most Embarrassing Moments.” For each message series that we do I create a graphic that represents or enforces the theme. This is a great way to have your church family identify and remember a topic or idea. When they visit our website, see our bulletin cover, look at the projector screen, or LCD TV in the welcome center, the same graphic is portrayed as a reminder of this theme. One of our preaching pastors is currently evaluating some of the most embarrassing moments in church history and how today we can avoid similar moments. As a metaphor to this concept we used, what many can identify as an embarrassing moment: “school photos”. We collected a few school photos from people in our church and used them in our graphic. I am convinced that the more you can create participation they better a project will be. It is not always possible to do this mind you, but I try and incorporate our people, as much as possible in our graphics. One way that we created interaction was to allow the congregation to guess who the school photo was a picture of. Our church is at a size where this is still feasible to do. They could check out our website after church to see if the guess was correct, and see a modern day photo of the featured person. Not only was it a buzz during yesterday’s church service with people trying to guess the photo but it drove people to our website to find out who it was in the photo! People assimilated the theme and metaphor, that’s what we strive to do and I love it when it is successful! I have attached the series graphic so you can see how we used it!

Series Graphic for Pequea Church